Competition Draws/Fixtures

Max Jackson Trophy - Mens Singles

Dave DustanTrophy - Mens Doubles

Ken Wild Trophy - Mixed Doubles

Herbert Trophy - Ladies Singles

Thistle Trophy - Ladies Doubles

Bannister Cup

The results for the above fixtures will be updated as and when individual matches are played.

All matches for these competitions will run throughout the season and it will be up to both parties to arrange to play the matches within the allotted timescale of the play by dates.   More Details of All Internal Competitions

Finals Day is Sunday 24th September.


1. Each round of matches must be completed by the date specified in the above fixtures.

2. It is the duty of all players to arrange a mutually convenient date. If this proves to be impossible then both players may be eliminated. Any delay in playing the games by the date specified causes a knock-on effect for players in subsequent matches so please have your matches played asap.

3. If an end date has been reached and no action has been taken both players/teams will be eliminated.

4. The lead player to be decided by a toss of the coin.

5. Matches to be played on Bottom Green but either green can be used by mutual agreement. If it cannot be agreed then it should be decided by a toss of the coin.

6. Bannister Cup Handicaps – each players’ handicap should be entered on the first line of the score card unless both players have the same handicap then game to played from scratch.

7. All games to be played to 21 points. The winner shall be the first player/pair to reach 21 points.

8. Please write the name of the winners going through to the next round on the relevant sheet.

Finals day is Sunday 24th September 2023

Good luck everyone!

Thank you,
Phyl Hayes & Gill Woodcock
On behalf of the Bowling Committee