If you are interested in joining us, but do not know an existing member who is able to introduce you to the club, please contact us directly. We will be happy to meet you and show you around. You can write to the Secretary at the club's postal address or send us an e-mail click here for contact details.

If you are interested in a particular sport please indicate this so that an appropriate member can contact you. We offer top quality sporting facilities in bowls and snooker. For the social member the club provides a wonderful backdrop through long summer days, and a cosy retreat during the winter months.

Our membership subscription is due annually, and constitutes good value for the amenities that we provide. Younger members benefit from generously discounted rates. Categories of Membership are: Full Member, Young Adult Member (18–25yrs) and Junior Member (15–18yrs). Upon joining you are provided with a key to access the building and equipment between the hours of 9am and 11pm.  You may have free use of bowling, croquet and snooker facilities between these times except when league matches and competitions being played.

Bar Social Members

You may have access to the building during bar opening hours. You may play bowls and snooker up to 6 times a year providing you are signed in by a full member and pay the relevant fee. (£2.50 for bowls, £2 for snooker).

Junior Members (15 - 18 yrs)

Provided you are accompanied by an adult member you may have free use of facilities between hours noted above.


All members are bound by the NEBC rules as agreed at the EGM September 2013.

Costs per Annum for membership - April 2021 to March 2022

Individual Full Membership - £170, introductory offer for first year only £120

Bar Social Membership £35

Young Adult Membership (18 – 25 years) £50

Junior Membership (15 - 18 years) FREE but you must be accompanied by Full Member


All guests must be signed in to the Club by a full member. You may attend as a guest six times in a year. After that you will need to join. Whilst attending as a guest you may use the lounge facilities free of charge or you can play bowls and snooker on payment of the relevant fee. (£2.50 for bowls , £2 for snooker)

Membership Application Forms

Please complete and sign a Membership Application Form and, where possible, ask two current members to propose and second your application. Please click here to download an application form.

Completed forms may be returned to the bar staff during bar opening hours or posted for the attention of The Secretary, Nether Edge Bowling Club, Nether Edge Road, Sheffield S7 1RU.

The Secretary will write and confirm your membership and request the appropriate payment. You may use the Club as a guest whilst your application is being processed. If you have any queries about membership then please contact us.