Tea, Coffee, Cakes & Biscuits will be available throughout the day.  Please bring your own lunch.  The bar will be open from 12.00pm.

Breakfast Sandwiches - Bacon and Sausage Sandwiches served from 10.30

9.00               Brian Shanley Trophy – Billiards Handicap

                        Winner John Allen

                      Runner-up Mike Bennett

10.30             Arrival & Registration for Bowling Competitions

                        George Rudd Trophy – Snooker Scratch Singles

                        Winner  Steve Darrington   

                       Runner-up  John Pratt             

11.00             Thistle Trophy – Ladies Doubles

                        Winners Gill Woodcock & Phyl Hayes

                     Runners -up Sue Hayes & Jane Smith

 Max Jackson Trophy – Men’s Singles

                        Winner Mike Johnson

                        Runner-up Howard Clay    

13.00             Herbert Trophy – Ladies Singles

                        Winner Barbara Williams

                       Runner-up Lorraine Mallender

Dave Dustan Trophy – Men’s Doubles

                       Winners Richard Williams & John Allen

                       Runners-up  Mike Johnson and Dave Seal

                        Greaves Trophy – Snooker Handicap Singles

                        Winner  Steve Darrington

                      Runner-up John Pratt

14.30             Bannister Cup Final

                       Winner Howard Clay

                     Runner-up Darrell Clowes

Ken Wild Trophy – Mixed Doubles

                        Winners Phyl Hayes & Mike Johnson

                       Runners-up  Barbara & Richard Williams

16.00             Presentation


















Congratulations to Jed O'Neill who won the 2022 President’s Cup with John Allen being a worthy Runner-up.
Each year the current President of NEBC organises the competition and the format can change from year to year.
For the 2022 competition, the green was divided into two but with the rope running across the middle of the green from Nether Edge Rd to Hulley’s Arbour and matches were played on our new, North and South greens.

Internal Competitions 

 Knockout Competitions

Green Openings & Closures Winter 2022/23.
• Both Greens will close on Wednesday 28th September to Sunday 9th October to facilitate winter treatments and repairs.
• The Bottom Green will reopen on Monday 10th October up to & including Sunday 18th December.
• The Bottom Green will close on Monday 19th December and will remain closed up to & including Monday 20th March 2023.
• The Top Green will stay closed on Monday 10th October up to & including Sunday 12th February 2023.
• The Top Green will reopen Monday 13th February up to & including Monday 20th March 2023 to complete the winter program.
• Both Greens will be closed on Tuesday 21st March up to & including Friday 24th March 2023 to prepare the greens for the coming season.
• Both Greens will reopen for the season on Saturday 25th March 2023.

Green Closure Notice Winter 2023